Protect Your Face Against Acne

Spots can put a real dampener on your plans, particularly if you’ve got a wedding or a party coming up and need to look your best. There are few things which can rock confidence like a well-placed zit, and even if you’re adept at covering them up with makeup, they can still play on your mind and distract you from enjoying the festivities.

Fazila, a Lancashire-based MUA specialising in Asian bridal makeup, considers herself a bit of an expert when it comes to clean and healthy skin. Here are her top tips on how to avoid getting spots:


Exfoliator is an essential fixture of any lady’s bathroom cabinet. These products play an important role in removing dead skin cells and allowing skin to breathe. Our skin tends to restore itself overnight, leaving behind dead residue, so always try to exfoliate in the morning for optimum results.

Cleanse Twice a Day

Once you’ve applied exfoliator, cleansing products are more easily able to access your skin and work their magic. For best results, use a mild product specified for facial use – body washes often contain scented elements which can irritate the more sensitive skin on your face. Do this twice daily, to remove any dirt and excess oils which can cause spots.

Test Your Products

When it comes to makeup and moisturisers, test your product first to ensure it isn’t going to cause your skin to overreact. The day before you intend to start using it, apply it to a small area of your skin on your hand, or behind your ear. This way you can be sure that when you go the whole hog and apply it to the rest of your face, it won’t cause your complexion to explode with acne.

Go Easy During an Outbreak

If you’ve fallen prey to a bout of acne, it’s important not to overdo it with foundation in an attempt to cover it up. Using too much can further aggravate your skin and make the situation worse. So when spots creep up on you, try to give your skin a rest, and use less makeup.

Written By Fazila Mua