Preparing For Your Indian Party: The Essentials

If you’re hosting an Indian party for your friends and family, no doubt you’ll want it to be the most hotly anticipated event of the season.

You may have been to a few parties at other people’s homes, and assumed that they’re a diddle to organise. But, until you’ve hosted your own, it’s hard to know just how much planning they require.

So, if you’re planning on putting together some festivities for your close friends and family, but are new to the whole game, here are some essential preparations no party should be made without:


The most important aspect of any party is? Correct. The guests. So, in order to attend your grand event, your intended guests will need to know that it is taking place. Sure enough, Facebook groups and emails are a great and efficient way of organising this – but if you’re looking to add a touch of class and be a cut above the rest, try sending out actual invites through the post, requesting people to RSVP.


Easily the second most important aspect. Think about what your guests love to eat, and put aside plenty of time in the days and hours leading up to your party to get all your food ready. If you’ve got friends who can help, all the better.

Makeup Artist

Just because you’re having a party at your humble abode and splashing out on supplies doesn’t mean you should compromise on your look. For the big occasion, hire some professional help. If you’re busy at home getting your party ready, mobile MUAs like Fazila can work around your plans and come to you., wherever you are in the North West.

Tell Your Neighbours

The last thing you want to do is anger your neighbours or keep them up all night, so give them advance notice that the party is taking place, or even invite them along. That way, they’ll be more accepting of a little noise when it comes to party time.

And Last But Not Least…

After all the hard work is done and your gathering is in full swing, relax and enjoy it!