Mehndi Makeup Looks: The Rules

We all know how important it is to get the right look on our wedding day, as well at the weddings of close friends and family.

Looking great on your Mehndi occasions is just as essential. It’s always a good idea to select a makeup scheme which doesn’t leave you looking bare, but also complements the understated tones of the day.

Natural Look

Mehndi makeup is all about keeping things light and fresh-looking, and following the right colour schemes. The traditional colours of Mehndi dress are typically a variant on yellow or gold, so it’s vital to keep this in mind when selecting your shades. When choosing your base, ensure you choose a light shade and apply it consistently, to give your skin that natural, but unblemished feel.

Lighter Eyes

Stay away from dark, harsh, shadowy tones when applying your eye makeup. Draw out your eyes with some dark eyeliner, but in terms of the bigger picture, keep it easy on the eye. Go with a light, inoffensive shade of eye shadow which isn’t too deep. Remember to blend it into the skin gradually too, so that your scheme doesn’t end up looking too dramatic.

Smooth Skin Effect

Try not to cut up the smoothness of your face by inserting lines. You should be using your makeup scheme to accentuate your natural beauty, so avoid the chiselled cheekbone look. When using blusher, apply it lightly, and blend it into the surrounding base delicately.

Subtle Lips

Once you’ve gone to all the effort of keeping your look understated, the last thing you want to do with your choice of lip colour is contradict the whole thing, so again, keep it light. An airy pink lip gloss will do the job just fine.

Give Yourself Time

The key to getting the right Mehndi look is to take your time over it, and keep calm. Rushing around to get your makeup done is only going to make you more likely to be a bit heavy-handed with your products. If you think you’re likely to find yourself strapped for time on your big occasion, get help from a professional. Mobile MUAs like Fazila Hajee are flexible and willing to travel to you, meaning you won’t need to put hours aside to visit a studio.