Keeping Your Makeup Space Tidy

Okay ladies, we might not admit it to ourselves, but many of us are guilty of it at some stage in our lives – messy vanity stations. And I know, it’s easy to neglect your makeup area, particularly if you’re a busy woman in a rush to get to work first thing in the morning. But trust me - as a professional MUA specialising in Asian bridal makeup, I know from experience that having a messy makeup space only makes life more stressful.

So, if you dread doing your makeup before a big party due to a disorganised makeup station, here are some tips on how you can keep it organised and accessible:

Look After Your Mirror

If you’re using a dirty or a cloudy mirror, it can be easy to get frustrated with what you’re doing because you can’t see yourself properly. Little tip: keep some glass cleaner and few sheets of kitchen roll close by, so you can just give it a quick wipe as and when needed.

Everything Should Have a Place

Set everything out and give it its own place on your dresser. You shouldn’t be wading through nail files and perfume looking for the other hair clip to match the one you already have in. Have a little container for fiddly things such as hair bobbles, and keep your clips together in pairs.

Empty Bottles

It can be difficult to accept that the expensive bottle of foundation we’ve been using has run out for sure, but keeping it around isn’t going to make it magically refill itself! Any used up items you don’t need any more should go straight in the bin. If you want to stop yourself from forgetting the name or shade of something, why not make a note of it in your diary or your phone?


Tangled leads look awful, cause untold frustration when we’re trying to plug something in, and are a safety hazard too. So when you’ve finished using an appliance, be smart. Once it has had sufficient time to cool down, coil the lead up and store it somewhere safe.