How to Care for Your Makeup Brushes

Here at Hair and Makeup by Fazila, we like to think we know a thing or two about caring for makeup tools and supplies. You don’t have to be a professional MUA to know that brushes are a vital part of any lady’s makeup bag, and it’s always important to look after them, as they can be costly to replace.

But, as long as you stick to a few fundamentals, there’s no reason your brushes can’t last you forever. Regularly cleaning your brushes is also important for hygiene purposes, as bacteria can develop on unkempt tools and cause problems for your skin.

So, to help ensure your skin stays healthy and you get the best application possible out of your brushes, here’s what to do:

Stand Them Up After Use

In-between applications, ensure you store your brushes with the bristles facing upwards – this way they’ll be less susceptible to bacteria gathering on them than they would be by lying down on a surface, or in a makeup bag.


To get rid of excess powder and dust, tap your brush against a hard surface.

Quick Cleaning

There are several good quality makeup brush cleansers out there to help you keep your favourite brushes clean. One or two sprays and a quick wipe with a dry tissue will add years to their usable life.

Thorough Washing

Give your brushes a good, thorough clean at least once a month, so you can get rid of any left-over oils or skin particles:

1 – Run the bristles through some lukewarm water, but try not to soak them as this can compromise the adhering agent keeping the bristles fixed on.

2 – Take some shampoo and gently rub this into the hairs of the brush, being careful not to damage or break them.

3 – Under a warm tap, rinse your brushes through until the shampoo has washed out. Remember that any dried shampoo residue left behind may affect your brush’s usability, so take your time.

4 – To dry, squeeze out whatever leftover water you can with your finger and thumb, then lie them down on a clean bit of kitchen towel, or leave them hanging over the edge of a clean surface.