Heat Protection Tips for Your Hair

Before your hair can look great, it needs to be strong and healthy. Heating irons and sticky products like hairsprays and mousses are great for styling, but using them constantly can leave your hair dried out or damaged, and susceptible to breakage.

For many of us ladies, heating irons, whether they’re curling tongs or straighteners, are an unavoidable part of our beauty routine. To get the style we want, we just have to use them. Take it from Fazila, a freelance hairstylist working near Manchester, who uses tools like these every day.

So what can you do to limit the potential damage heat can cause to your hair? Well fortunately, a number of things. Here are just a handful of our top tips for protecting your hair from heat damage:

Reliable Equipment

When it comes to beauty and styling equipment, you definitely get what you pay for. Cheaper tools are going to be unreliable, and pose a higher risk of causing damage. So when you’re out shopping for straighteners or curling tongs, choose a brand you know and can rely on. You needn’t select the product with a ridiculously high heat setting – anything going up to 400 degrees is really too high for home use. Just make sure you choose one with more than one setting, so you have the option to use a milder heat.

Similarly, when it comes to blow-dryers, you should always buy a professional item from a specialist beauty store. These are usually able to circulate more air, and disperse heat more evenly.

The Right Heat Settings

Don’t nuke your hair! It’s better to spend longer drying your hair on a lower blow drier setting than to blast it with a high setting and be done in two minutes. The same goes for your irons.

Sprays and Serums

Heat protection sprays and serums are essential for protecting your hair. You shouldn’t be using your heating implements without applying these first, and allowing them sufficient time to soak in.

Ask Your Hair Stylist

You might think you know your hair well enough to determine which heat settings and styling tactics are best – but nothing beats the opinion of a professional. The next time you’re at your salon, ask your stylist for their advice on how to style your particular type of hair in an effective yet healthy manner.