Hair and Makeup Gift Ideas For Her

Hair and Makeup Gift Ideas For Her

Okay guys. Before you say it, we already know. It can be hard coming up with gift ideas for the woman in your life, whether it’s for their birthday, your anniversary, or if you’re doing something for Christmas. The truth is, there are certain things that girls always need – although they might not think to ask for them. After all, makeup and beauty items aren’t the easiest thing for many men to go out and buy on their own.

But if you want to surprise her, then getting her beauty items is definitely worth a try – you might even score some brownie points in the process.

So, if you’re struggling for inspiration this year, here are some simple gift ideas from Fazila, which, as an experienced Lancashire-based Asian makeup artist, she can definitely vouch for:

Curling Tongs

It used to be hair straighteners which were all the rage – and for many women they still are. But curling tongs are slowly making their way into more and more beauty regimes up and down the country. If your other half doesn’t already have a pair, then they’re certainly a sound investment.

Makeup Mirror

Whether it’s a compact, or a table top with lights around the edge, you can’t go wrong with a makeup mirror (unless your wife or girlfriend already has one of course!). If you’re not overly keen on enquiring in person at your local makeup and beauty outlet, there are some great deals on makeup supplies online.


Nearly every lady uses foundation. It’s something we’re always running out of, and you can never have enough of. Have a sneaky peak at your lady’s shade, and make a note of it before popping out to town and getting a bottle. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask the staff for help. They’ll be glad to oblige and give you advice on the colour you’re looking for.

Travel Bag

A nice little bag is to hold makeup items in is something every lady appreciates. Take a trip to your local shops, or look online for style ideas you know your loved one will cherish.