Expert Makeup Tips for This Winter

Whether it’s your wedding, your birthday, or just a party for the sake of a party, you’ll always want to look in tune with your seasonal surroundings – and that means choosing a makeup scheme to match.

Asian party makeup and regular day makeup are obviously two different animals – but when applying either, you should always be mindful of seasonal trends and the time of year, so that your look remains eye-catching but doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

As a freelance MUA, Fazila Hajee’s services cover a wide area – but whether it’s Asian Bridal Makeup in Leeds, Bolton or Manchester, she always keeps her hand in with the latest seasonal trends, and incorporates these into her work.

So, with the colder months just around the corner, what steps should you follow to help you get closer to that perfect finish? Here a just a few tips to help you get through those regular makeup days this winter:

Looking After Your Complexion

Colder weather often means higher temperatures in the bathroom. So whenever you step in the shower or wash your face in the morning, you’ll be using hotter water – which means that your face is more likely to dry out, and this is where blemishes can and inconsistencies can appear. To keep your skin looking smooth, adjust to your new environment. Try selecting a foundation with moisturiser already added, to make yourself less susceptible to dryness.

Warm It Up With Blusher

With the cold weather already setting in, the last thing you want to do is blend in with the scenery like an ice queen! So avoid whites and blues and go for a warmer look. Blusher is always a hit during winter, and with colder surroundings you might choose to go for a smudge more than usual, and be a little more dramatic with your shade (but be careful not to overdo it!).

Set Your Look off With the Right Lip Shade

Now you’ve built up your warm look, don’t undo your hard work with a minimalist lipstick choice. Cherry lips complement the blushed winter look brilliantly, and again, with the cold weather, you can probably afford to go a shade bolder.