Eat Your Way to Great Looking Hair

When it comes to hair, pretty much all women have one thing in common – they all want it to look as luscious and luxurious as possible.

No doubt you’ve seen all the shampoo ads, where the model rinses her long locks under an idyllic waterfall. Although in reality, washing your hair is a just little bit different (as a freelance hairstylist in Bolton, I can tell you that leafy waterfalls are none-too-common in the North West) picking the right products to use on your hair is important, as is looking after and maintaining it every day.

However, there are a number of other things you can do to make your hair healthier and better-looking. Diet is one of them.

That’s correct. We’re not losing the plot. It is actually possible to make a difference to how good your hair looks by eating certain foods.

Here is a shortlist of foods which, according to experts, can help you eat your way to great looking hair:


High in biotin and vitamin E, walnuts are great for protecting hair cells from damage. Biotin levels are important, as a deficiency can lead to hair loss. Experts also say that walnuts can also help your natural colour to stay rich, as they contain copper too. So try nibbling on a few of these if you want fantastic-looking hair. If you aren’t into whole nuts, then you might try using walnut oil when cooking instead of regular oil.


You can’t miss with this fish. High in omega-3, salmon gives your body what it needs to help hair grow, and maintain its strength at the root. The high protein and vitamin D levels found in salmon are essential for good looking skin too, as well as for healthy hair.

Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable contains beta carotene which, when consumed by the body, is converted into vitamin A. As well as being vital to numerous functions of the body, vitamin A also helps to generate the oils which keep your scalp from becoming flaky, and leading to dandruff.


Your hair needs oxygen to stay healthy. So iron is essential for healthy hair, as it enables cells to transport oxygen to hair follicles. Eggs are an easy and accessible source of iron, and are also high in protein, which is also good for hair strength.