Creating Your Party Look: What You’ll Need

When you’re off to a party, you’ll want to let everyone know that you’re there – and that means having party makeup with the ‘wow’ factor. It doesn’t matter what outfit you wear, or how killer your hairstyle might be – to really set off a look, you need makeup which grabs the attention of everyone in the room.

But getting that perfect finish isn’t just something you can do without being prepared. Before you sit down to get ready for your party here are some things you’ll definitely need to help you achieve the look you want:

The Right Products

It goes without saying that materials are vital when it comes to doing your party makeup, and the last thing you need halfway through your preparation is to run out of product! So, before you begin, make sure you’re fully stocked up with enough of the following: lashes and mascara, for accentuating the eyes; blusher to help you get the most out of your face shape and cheekbones; and lipstick, an essential item for bringing it all together, and getting your makeup scheme to match your outfit.

Somewhere Quiet You Can Concentrate

Make sure your makeup space is free of distractions and unwanted noise. The ability to concentrate when applying those fine lines around your eyes is crucial – so switch off your TV and close your door. A little light background music always helps to get you in the mood, but don’t go mad. Loud music won’t help with your concentration.

Time and Patience

Always give yourself enough time before your big party date to do your face justice. Rushing is only going to make you cut corners, and you owe it to yourself to spend time on looking your absolute best – it’s always better to be ready early rather than running late, so give yourself a set amount of time and stick to it.

The Number of a Specialist

For those big, important occasions, where we really want to step it up a notch, we might get a professional MUA in to help. Freelance makeup artists like Fazila Hajee are trained to realise your natural beauty and choose a party makeup scheme to suit you specifically. So if you’re searching for the look which best complements your skin tone and face shape, book an appointment with someone who knows how to accentuate every aspect of you, and make you the one everyone wants to talk to at the party.