Choosing and Applying Eyeliner: The Basics

Whether you’re hosting a party, or attending a wedding, your makeup scheme is a vital part of your look. And no Asian party makeup scheme is complete without eyeliner.

As any freelance MUA will tell you, there are some basic rules to follow when it comes to choosing eyeliner, and while these apply if you’re getting ready for a special occasion, they’re important to follow during everyday life as well.

We cover a large region, offering makeup artist services to places like Leeds, Preston, and just about everywhere in between. Besides having had extensive training, Fazila sees a lot of eyeliner on her travels, both good and bad, so she has a wealth of experience when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t.

So, without further ado, here are our basic tips for choosing and applying eyeliner:

Take Care When Selecting Your Colour Scheme

One of the main aims of eyeliner is to give added dimension and volume to your lashes. Darker, deeper colours are always better the upper lashes, so think black, deep purples or dark brown. The lower lid should be a slightly softer version of the same colour. Remember to avoid using bright coloured eyeliners. The intention is to draw attention to your eyes – not the eyeliner itself.

Choosing an Application Type

Eyeliner comes in a variety of different forms, and it’s important to know which is going to work best for you and how to use it, before grabbing the nearest one to hand. For example, using powder eye-shadow with a fine brush is good if you have a steady hand, and want to go for a softer approach. Relative beginners might find that pencil eyeliners get better results and are easier to use, but they can leave smudge marks. If you’re well-practiced however and want something dramatic, liquid eyeliner might be the choice for you.


If you’re a little shaky, make sure you sit down to do it. Typically, how you apply eyeliner depends on the size of your eyelids. If you have a relatively large eyelid, go for thicker application with a softer shade. If you have small eyelids, go for a thinner coverage but a more intense colour scheme.

Written By Fazila Mua