Bridal Makeup: Do it Yourself or Hire Some Help?

It’s a familiar scenario. You’re totting up the cost of your wedding, and after the venue hire, catering, transport and everything else, your running total is higher than the annual turnover of a small European country. You know your parents (and possibly your partner’s parents) can only give you so much towards it. There comes a point where this celebration is going to start eating into your married life fund.

No-one wants to compromise on their big day, but it’s usually the smaller things at weddings which suffer due to financial constraints. For instance, you might get your caterers to skip dessert if you’re up against it. Or you might print your invitations on lower quality paper. You might even decide that you can keep your expensive dress but, on the day itself, do your own makeup.

But Asian bridal makeup is not something which should be taken lightly. Your wedding day only comes around once – you want to look your best.

If you’re struggling with this decision, we’ve drawn up a little list of pros and cons to help you determine whether a freelance MUA really is something you can live without:


No doubt about it – applying the perfect finish takes time. And if you opt to do it yourself or enlist a friend to do it, getting your makeup right on your wedding day isn’t something you can do in a flash. Of course, a freelance makeup artist will take time over their work, but likely won’t take as long as you would doing it yourself.

MUA 1 – DIY 0.


You might think that MUAs are an unaffordable luxury but they really aren’t. Included in the cost of your session will be the materials they use, which if you’re buying and applying yourself, might end up setting you back even more.

MUA 2 – DIY 0.

Knowledge and Ability

It’s easy to think that because you do your own makeup every day, that no-one knows your face like you do. But when you employ a professional MUA, you employ their creativity too. They can bring a fresh, new approach to your face, and come up with something you’d never even thought of.

MUA 3 – DIY 0.

Not that we’re biased, but it looks as though the MUAs have it. If you have a big occasion coming up and want to enquire about prices, get in touch with us.