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Expert Makeup Tips for This Winter

Whether it’s your wedding, your birthday, or just a party for the sake of a party, you’ll always want to look in tune with your seasonal surroundings – and that means choosing a makeup scheme to match. Asian party makeup and regular day makeup are obviously two different animals – but when applying either, you should...
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4 Healthy Hair Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

There are so many different cosmetic manufacturers and beauty experts out there, all with conflicting ideas about what’s good for your hair and what isn’t, that it can be hard to keep up. As a consumer, who do you listen to? Here at Fazila Hajee, we’re hair experts – and when we take our hair and...
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Choosing and Applying Eyeliner: The Basics

Whether you’re hosting a party, or attending a wedding, your makeup scheme is a vital part of your look. And no Asian party makeup scheme is complete without eyeliner. As any freelance MUA will tell you, there are some basic rules to follow when it comes to choosing eyeliner, and while these apply if you’re getting...
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4 Quick and Easy Makeup Tricks

Want to freshen up your look and try something new with your makeup, but short on time? Well, today is your lucky day. As a practicing freelance makeup artist, servicing areas in Manchester, Bolton and across the North, Fazila Hajee is no stranger to a few insider tricks of the trade. As well as innovating her...
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Protect Your Face Against Acne

Spots can put a real dampener on your plans, particularly if you’ve got a wedding or a party coming up and need to look your best. There are few things which can rock confidence like a well-placed zit, and even if you’re adept at covering them up with makeup, they can still play on your...
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Eat Your Way to Great Looking Hair

When it comes to hair, pretty much all women have one thing in common – they all want it to look as luscious and luxurious as possible.

No doubt you’ve seen all the shampoo ads, where the model rinses her long locks under an idyllic waterfall. Although in reality, washing your hair is a...

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Preparing For Your Indian Party: The Essentials

If you’re hosting an Indian party for your friends and family, no doubt you’ll want it to be the most hotly anticipated event of the season. You may have been to a few parties at other people’s homes, and assumed that they’re a diddle to organise. But, until you’ve hosted your own, it’s hard to know...
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4 Steps to Healthy Winter Hair

Something which a lot of people have trouble with during the winter is keeping their hair healthy. The cold weather can be just as bad for our hair as it can be for our general well-being. Dryness, stiffness and stubbornness are all common symptoms of cold weather – so what can you do to prevent...
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Hair and Makeup Gift Ideas For Her

Hair and Makeup Gift Ideas For Her Okay guys. Before you say it, we already know. It can be hard coming up with gift ideas for the woman in your life, whether it’s for their birthday, your anniversary, or if you’re doing something for Christmas. The truth is, there are certain things that girls always need...
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Heat Protection Tips for Your Hair

Before your hair can look great, it needs to be strong and healthy. Heating irons and sticky products like hairsprays and mousses are great for styling, but using them constantly can leave your hair dried out or damaged, and susceptible to breakage. For many of us ladies, heating irons, whether they’re curling tongs or straighteners, are...
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