4 Steps to Healthy Winter Hair

Something which a lot of people have trouble with during the winter is keeping their hair healthy. The cold weather can be just as bad for our hair as it can be for our general well-being. Dryness, stiffness and stubbornness are all common symptoms of cold weather – so what can you do to prevent them?

As a resident of Bolton, freelance hair stylist Fazila is no stranger to struggling with wild hair during the colder months. Here are her top tips for maintaining healthy locks during the harsh winter season:

Simplicity is the Key

Long flowing or elaborate styles are going to make your hair more susceptible to cold air and damage, so try to be as simple as you can. Using lots of holding and styling products will also weaken it – so the less you use in terms of styling, the better. Try to keep your hair up, so that you aren’t as likely to constantly comb it and tend to it – that way, your hair won’t dry out or break as quickly.

Dry Your Hair Indoors

Air-drying in the cold outdoor air is not good for your hair. Again, the sharp drop in temperature will only serve to damage your hair and cause breakages and split ends. Always try to dry your hair as much as you can before you go out – and set extra time aside during your morning routine if you need to.

Leave Your Conditioner In

Your hair needs all the help it can get during the colder months, so ensure you’re using conditioner when washing. Rather than washing it straight out, give it time to soak into your roots – just a couple of minutes will make a big difference.

Let it Breathe

It’s tempting to wear a hat all the time during winter. Even though it is obviously advisable to protect your head from the cold, make sure you give your hair time to breathe while indoors. Smothering your hair for hours on end can make your scalp sweaty and flaky, and lead to dandruff. So if you are wearing a hat, remember to take it off indoors.