4 Quick and Easy Makeup Tricks

Want to freshen up your look and try something new with your makeup, but short on time? Well, today is your lucky day.

As a practicing freelance makeup artist, servicing areas in Manchester, Bolton and across the North, Fazila Hajee is no stranger to a few insider tricks of the trade. As well as innovating her own styles, Asian Bridal makeup specialist Fazila is always checking out what’s happening on the catwalk, and keeping up what the MUAs to the stars are up to.

Here are a few easy, quick tricks to help you solve those common makeup problems, revitalise your look, and help you get the perfect finish:

Make Your Foundation Consistent

It can be easy sometimes for foundation to get that ‘caked’ look around the cheeks and give the game away, but here is a simple trick to get your coverage looking more even and natural: apply foundation to your face, then wipe if from your cheeks with a tissue. Once you’ve done this, your blusher will sit on your cheeks better.

Get Lashes to Die For

Experts say that the best way to ensure your mascara doesn’t clump together and is easier to apply, is to follow the one-month rule. If it’s been open for longer than that, don’t use it. The secret to great lashes is to start at the base of the lash and use an outward and upward motion. This gives consistency at the base, and thinness at the ends.

Wakey Wakey

Tired circles or ‘bags’ under the eyes is something we all want to avoid. Applying a hydrating cream to this area can help to reduce the appearance of tiredness under the eyes, and provide firmness. Choose a fast-drying product, so your skin is primed for the smooth application of a concealer. Your concealer should be just a touch lighter than your foundation, to help cover up any discolouration.

Chiselled Cheekbones

Looking for sharper cheeks? Easy, check out this tip: use a shimmer powder over the upper edge of your cheekbone. Then, suck your cheeks in, and dust the area with a deep shade of ‘nude’ blusher. After that, smile, and apply a peach blusher in a slow and swirling outward motion with the brush, beginning with the centre of the cheek.

Written By Fazila Mua